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Smart mobile business strategies, innovative UI/UX designs, exceptional agile app development, productivity-driven business models and dexterous mobility experts- Thats the mobile-first space we have. Here, at AppInventiv, we're pushing the edge of innovation with our non-outsourced expertise and pioneering process perks- creativity, simplicity and affordability.


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Commitment to Quality is in our DNA. We are committed to deliver high qualityservices across all areas – professional, innovational and functional – by following strict guidelines. Our technological brilliance mingled with our creative prowess increases effectiveness of our people, our ideas and our deliverables resulting in near-zerodefects and complaints.


Fueled to achieve BIG

We dont work on just any apps or for any client. We work to develop the best apps for the best clients. And, that helped us in achieving big goals in less time. Our result driven approach and tech-nerds enable us to drive uniqueness and innovation, and deliver best-in-class and futuristic solutions to our clients.

What We Do

PHP development, ASP .Net development, Java development, HTML5 development, AJAX development, XML development and AJAX Web development, name it and our experts can readily dole out scalable solutions that will suit your businesses.
Well, regardless of the operating system and the company from which the mobile originates, our developers can stir out effective solutions in iOS applications, Android applications, Windows phone and mobile applications, Blackberry and Symbian applications development.
Any number of efforts will not reap benefits until and unless the business reaches its target audience. At Yudiz Solutions, our experts are fully aware of the dynamism that involves with the search engines and hence can provide solutions that will definitely bring in top ranking for any kind of a business.

Our Features

Application Development

Millions of users switching to mobile applications, businesses have identified a large potential customer base lurking in the mobile world. The challenge for enterprises to attract consumers has gradually, given rise to innovative mobile application development. There is no limit to what these smartphones can do. With mobile applications, now businesses can reach customers directly and in a much personalized manner.

Web Development

Dubster Solution is primarily Custom Web Design Company. We are expert in Website Template Design, Portal Development, Flash Multimedia, brand creation and Web Based Graphics. On the bases of our customize Web Design process we are different from typical Web Design Companies. We have Built a reputation for creating a lot of Web Portals for Governments as well as in Corporate World.

Web Hosting

Dubster Solution has been Hosting Websites for over 4 years and knows how to keep you happy. You get a fast, friendly and reliable Service at a low price. Website Hosting with Dubster Software solution is easy and affordable. Our flexible and feature-packed Web hosting plans give you everything you need to easily launch your Web site.


Dubster Solution designs and develops large scale, functionally rich and fully integrated Ecommerce solutions that help your business achieve a unique and commercially successful online offering. Our Ecommerce solutions are about more than simply facilitating transactions online. We combine our vast online and digital experience with deep technical expertise to provide a comprehensive Ecommerce platform that supports and enhances your sales and marketing efforts


Gaming has become an essential part of peoples lives in the mobile industry. Millions of smartphone users spend some time during the day playing games on their mobile devices, laptops or tablets. As mobile game development is actively developing, there is a growing demand of games.


Our app experts make sure that we are available in your time zone 24x7, You can reach us at any time anywhere. We provide full support so when you have questions, were here to answer. Hope you are as excited as me about this one. So lets get reskining.

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